Office environments throughout Washington University in St. Louis’ campuses are major consumers of energy and materials and significant contributors to our waste stream. The Green Office Program is a framework and set of resources that has the potential to significantly reduce the environmental footprint of our university community.

Coordinated by the Office of Sustainability and endorsed by Resource Management, WashU’s Green Office Program aims to encourage offices across all WashU campuses to be champions of our university’s sustainability ethic.

Participation is initiated through a point-based, self-assessment checklist with which offices can evaluate their current practices, set goals, and be recognized for their sustainable practices. As participants complete the checklist, points are automatically tallied. When an office earns points above a set threshold, it will achieve Green Office certification.

Join your peers! As of 2022, 2000 employees work in offices that earned Green Office Certifications. One hundred and eight offices maintained or earned certifications in 2021.


Want to pursue certification for your unit? You’ll have to complete a few steps to become a Green Office.


The Green Office program has four levels of certification: Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze.

Certified Offices

Click below to see the list of certified Green Offices as well as their levels of certification.


Explore a variety of downloadable or online resources that will help you climb the Green Office ladder.

Green Office Contact Form

Green Office Contact Form

Use this form to request a survey for your office, schedule a consultation, and ask any and all questions about greening your workplace!

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Sustainability Leadership Awards

The annual Green Carpet Awards ceremony recognizes recipients of the Sustainability Leadership Awards. Nominated by their peers, the awardees consist of both individual people and projects who exemplify leadership in a range of areas of sustainability.