The most vulnerable in society regularly struggle for access to a clean, safe, and healthy environment. The St. Louis region is home to some of the most egregious social and environmental disparities in the nation. “Environmental justice” represents one term used to describe a movement to ensure a better, more sustainable quality of life for present and future generations in a just and equitable manner.

The resources compiled below are designed to help students, faculty and community members navigate the wide range of opportunities to learn more about environmental justice and to engage in activities that combat environmental injustice – and to find each other to build the movement! 

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Environmental Justice Self Study Guide

The Center for Diversity & Inclusion has curated an excellent educational self-study guide on Environmental Justice which includes a collection of videos, publications, WashU courses and additional resources. Begin your journey or dive a bit deeper with this collection of media. This is one of many self-study guides on a wide range of social justice issues.

Begin self-study

EcoUrban Assessment Tool

The St. Louis EcoUrban Assessment is an interactive project that maps environmental racism in the St. Louis region. Created by a WashU student as an intern for the Nature Conservancy in Missouri, the tool uses ArcGIS technology to compile, process, and analyze environmental and demographic data. An interpretive StoryMap conveys where frontline communities are disproportionately affected by climate change and other related health risks. While there are many applications for the tool, it can be used to understand community assets, and identify opportunities for research and activism to respond to community needs.

Garrett Duncan's Politics of Education class.

Academic Courses

Interested in taking a course exploring environmental and/or social justice issues? Here’s a list.

Faculty & Staff

Faculty & Staff

Discover faculty and staff who teach and research topics related to the intersections of environmental justice.


Community Involvement

Learn about a range of projects and programs helping to address social and environmental challenges.

Student Organizations

Student Organizations

Join other students engaged in environmental justice issues on the WashU campus and in the community.




Browse this listing to find internship opportunities and funding sources for unpaid internships.



Attend events relating to Environmental Justice on the WashU campus and the greater St. Louis region.


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