Four people bike down one of the paths in Tower Grove park.

For Students

Join a student group, intern for the Office of Sustainability, or take courses.

For Staff & Faculty

Participate in the Green Office program or join the Sustainability Action Committee.

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Recycle & Compost

Learn how and where you can dispose of recyclables and  food waste.

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Use Alternative Transportation

Cut down on emissions by biking, taking the metrolink or carpooling.

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Eat Green

Support local and low-carbon food options on campus and in the community.

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Green Your Event

Make your next event a zero-waste event.

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Help conserve natural resources, improve air quality and public health, and protect the environment for you and future generations. Join us by taking simple actions that result in big change.
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Take the Sustainability Pledge

Help our planet by committing to making sustainable choices in your daily life.

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