People dispose of waste at a green waste station at an event on WashU campus.

Washington University in St. Louis is working to make all events zero waste events. The “green waste station” approach allows us to compost and recycle up to 95% of material, significantly reducing landfill waste and greenhouse gas emissions. Without these stations, we would likely capture less than 25% of the event waste.

Zero Waste is just the beginning. Take your event to the next level through a Green Event Certification. A simple checklist helps walk you through the planning process, applying a “green lens” to every step along the way.

Green Event Certification

Certify your event today, which will help you implement more sustainable practices by providing a framework and resources.

Student Sustainability Board

To make your event more sustainability-oriented, contact Student Sustainability Board (SSB) for consultations on compostables and waste station funding!

Find the Right Caterer

Here is our list of recommended event caterers to ensure that your zero-waste sustainability goals can be met event during large events.

Borrow Reusable Dishes

The Greenware program is a free reusable dishware loan program aimed to help WashU reduce event waste. Reserve up to 100 plates, bowls, cups, and utensil sets! 

Green Waste Stations

Click here to order a full waste station for your event, which will allow simple, sustainable, and comprehensive sorting and collecting of waste!

Event Composting Resources

Here are more resources on how to staff the waste stations, access the signages, and market your event sustainability efforts.


For indoor events with less than 100 people, you can rent a single 65-gallon compost tote, which will be collected at the end of the event and composted!

Sustainable Flowers

To find flowers for your event that are ethically and sustainably-sourced, check out this page for resources on sustainable floristry!

Email if you have questions, or to schedule an event composting consultation to discuss placement and appropriate number of waste stations for your event.