Washington University in St. Louis is fully committed to being a national leader in sustainability, a core priority that runs through all aspects of our community, our operations, and our work as a leading teaching and research institution. Explore how we are addressing climate change and environmental degradation.

What we’re doing

We’ve invested heavily in cutting down our carbon footprint and promoting sustainable practices on campus.

What you can do

From joining an organization to changing everyday behaviors, you can join WashU in protecting environmental and public health.

Green Cup 2021

This year’s Green Cup is fully virtual, and not exclusively based on the South40. Anyone can create their own team, and everyone should join a team!

Zero Waste

A compilation of programs that enable low impact dining, including reusable to-go containers “eco2go”, the distribution of free utensil sets, and more.

Tour campus virtually

Discover dozens of locations showcasing WashU’s efforts to more its historic campuses truly sustainable through these interactive Sustainability Tours.


Go Green for the Red this Earth Month

Go Green for the Red this Earth Month
When I heard Guhar Goyal talk about her first period in the beginning of the Go Green for the Red panel, I felt a wave of discomfort wash over me. Immediately after, I felt ridiculous. Why should I feel uncomfortable hearing someone talk about a natural process that I myself experience every month? This may […]

Magnolia Allee Replaces Invasive Monoculture

Magnolia Allee Replaces Invasive Monoculture
If you have been exploring the flowering trees coming to life across campus, delighting in the rich smells, colors and textures, you may have noticed one corridor that is conspicuously absent. The path between the DUC and Simon Hall has brightened many springs with the dense white clusters of Bradford pear blossoms, lining a favorite […]

April is Earth Month!

April is Earth Month!
Check out what’s going on during Earth Month 2021. Office of Sustainability Join the WashU Ecochallenge! | ongoing through April The Story of Plastic panel discussion | April 1, 6 pm Gephardt Institute Walk and Talk | April 14, 3 pm E-waste and Confidential Paper Shredding, Danforth | April 20, 7:30-10:30 am E-waste and Confidential […]