Washington University in St. Louis is fully committed to being a national leader in sustainability, a core priority that runs through all aspects of our community, our operations, and our work as a leading teaching and research institution. Explore how we are addressing climate change and environmental degradation.

What we’re doing

We’ve invested in significantly reducing our carbon footprint and promoting sustainable practices on our campuses and beyond.

What you can do

From joining an organization to changing everyday behaviors, you can join WashU in protecting environmental and public health.

WashU Sustainability Fund

The WashU Sustainability Fund offers WashU staff and faculty the opportunity to submit project ideas for funding consideration up to $2500. Submitted student projects will also be considered. The deadline for submission is January 31, 2024.

Community Supported Agriculture

CSA programs provide a convenient and affordable way for community members to access fresh, healthy and seasonal food while supporting and connecting with local farmers. WashU’s CSA program is managed by HOSCO.

Circularity Center

Visit WashU’s Circularity Center, a space on North Campus that supports the university’s reuse programs. Reuse programs include Share Our Stuff, WashU’s annual move-out collection and Fall move in sales; WashUReuse online platform; and Office Supply Exchange.


Celebrating Sustainability Champions at the Green Carpet Awards 

Celebrating Sustainability Champions at the Green Carpet Awards 
The annual Green Carpet Awards were hosted on November 7, 2023 at the Knight Center on the Danforth Campus. Sustainability champions from across the university gathered to celebrate significant projects and programs that are enhancing sustainability efforts and impact. The program hosted the following speakers, who recognized numerous sustainable achievements between 2022 to 2023.  Phil […]

Leave the Leaves

Leave the Leaves
Written by Office of Sustainability student associate, Faith Phillips, Class of 2024. The foliage in autumn is one of the most exciting aspects of the season but after a few weeks, the leaves can become a nuisance in the lawn. Unknown to most people, however, many insects and invertebrates rely on fallen leaves for protection […]

Student Food Recovery Collaboration

Student Food Recovery Collaboration
Written by Office of Sustainability student associate, Faith Phillips, Class of 2024. According to Feeding America, almost 120 billion pounds of food go to waste annually which equates to over 40% of all food in America. At WashU, two groups on campus are doing their part to decrease food waste in St. Louis and instead […]


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