Washington University in St. Louis is fully committed to being a national leader in sustainability, a core priority that runs through all aspects of our community, our operations, and our work as a leading teaching and research institution. Explore how we are addressing climate change and environmental degradation.


What We're Doing

We’ve invested heavily in cutting down our carbon footprint and promoting sustainable practices on campus.

What You Can Do

From joining an organization to changing everyday behaviors, you can join WashU in protecting environmental and public health.


Energy & Emissions
Energy & Emissions

Since 1990, energy use on the Danforth and Medical campuses has remained flat despite the square footage nearly doubling.

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Metro UPass
Alternative Transportation

Cut down on your emissions, improve your heath and save money by biking, riding the metrolink or carpooling.

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WashU Green Ambassadors
WashU Green Ambassadors

WUGAs train first year students to sustainability, through engagement during orientation week and beyond!

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Green Event Resources Expand to Include Flowers

Green Event Resources Expand to Include Flowers
Most people don’t realize that the floral industry generates many of the same environmental and social concerns as the food industry. Concepts such as local sourcing; waste reduction through reuse, composting and recycling; avoiding pesticides and chemicals; and fair compensation and safe conditions for workers – all of which have been embraced in responsible food […]