The Green Office program has four levels of certification automatically calculated as you fill out the checklist. After completing the checklist, the Office of Sustainability will confirm your certification level.

Green offices achievement seals for bronze, silver, gold and platinum.

Certification levels

Your office certification level depends on the score tallied in the Green Office checklist.

  • Platinum: 90 percent and above
  • Gold: 80 percent
  • Silver: 65 percent
  • Bronze: 50 percent
  • Registered: below 50 percent (pre-certification)

To celebrate offices that have made strides to reduce their environmental footprint, the Office of Sustainability will recognize certified green offices by:

  • Supplying an icon that can be used on the department website
  • Providing a plaque/certificate for display at the office
  • Including the office on the Office of Sustainability’s “Green Office” list
  • Recognizing Green Office Liaisons at the annual Green Carpet Awards Ceremony