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WashU CSA Update: Introducing Plain & Simple Box

WashU CSA member, Eliza Gan, picks up her Plain & Simple box at the Medical Campus.

Washington University takes its commitment to eating locally sourced and sustainable food seriously, as seen by collaborations with dining partners, the medical campus farmers market, and the WashU community supported agriculture (CSA) program. The WashU CSA program is in partnership with HOSCO (Holistic Organic Sustainable Cooperatives), a not-for-profit committed to food justice in St. Louis. Never heard of CSA? To put it simply, CSA programs allow you to directly support the production of the food that you eat. You can learn more about the WashU CSA program here.  

Earlier this year, the Office of Sustainability sent a survey to all past and present CSA share-holders to gather feedback on the program.  Many of the respondents praised the variety and quality of the produce, affordability of the program, and the friendliness of HOSCO staff. 

“I am so incredibly happy with this CSA. It’s so nice to have regular, affordable, and conveniently accessible local produce. The quality of the produce is outstanding, and the folks that do the drop offs are so lovely and kind.” 

“Great amount and diversity of produce, especially for the price! Friendly people, too. :)” 

“The value! It’s such a reasonable price for everything you get. Plus the taste of the veggies is so much better than from the grocery store.” 

One of the themes that has emerged from customer feedback is that the contents of the $20 “The Basics” box was actually too generous, and respondents expressed a wish for a smaller share. Based on this feedback, the WashU CSA program is excited to announce that HOSCO will now be offering the $10 “Plain and Simple” box, suited for those who want a smaller share of locally sourced and seasonal fruit and veggies.  As always, contents of CSA boxes are subject to change, based on season and availability. Updated size and pricing options are as follows:  

  • Plain & Simple at $10 per box: 10lb box of locally sourced and seasonal fruit and vegetables  
  • The Basics at $20 per box: 15lb box of locally sourced and seasonal fruit and vegetables, 2 pre made meals or food items 
  • Basic Goodness at $40 per box: 20lb box of locally sourced and seasonal fruit and vegetables, 2 pre made meals or food items 
  • Goodness Gracious at $50 per box: 30lb of locally sourced and seasonal fruit and vegetables, 6 pre made meals or food items 
  • Build Your Own Box (Price Varies): This box is fully customizable. 

To give customers more flexibility, HOSCO has also added another pick-up time and location for those who miss their scheduled pick-up time. CSA share-holders are now able to pick up their CSA share at the North Sarah Food Hub, HOSCO’s commissary kitchen, on Wednesdays from 11am – 2pm. Updated pick-up times and locations are as follows: 

  • School of Medicine: 10:00am – 2:00pm at Farmers Market on Thursdays 
  • Danforth: 3:00pm – 5:00pm at parking lot between Alumni House and Music Library, across Forsyth from the DUC on Wednesdays  
  • West Campus: 12:00pm – 2:00pm at parking lot behind the 7509 Forsyth building in Clayton on Wednesdays  
  • North Sarah Food Hub: 11:00am – 2:00pm at 1038 N Sarah Street on Wednesdays  

Sign up for your share in the CSA program here!  

The Office of Sustainability and HOSCO welcome constructive feedback about the CSA program. Whether you’re a current or past member, or just hearing about this program for the first time, we would love to hear from you. Please fill out this short form to help us improve the program and support more people eating locally sourced and nourishing food!