Ultra-Low Temperature Lab Freezers: Quiet, Small, and Energy Efficient

The university’s Resource Management Department hosted a presentation by a manufacturer of ultra-low temperature lab freezers that highlighted information about it’s newer, energy efficient model that has been designed to be environmentally-friendly. The presentation highlighted sustainability features of the process to manufacture it, the materials it is constructed from and the energy it takes to operate […]

Employee Picnic Achieves Zero Waste

On Friday September 30, the Washington University School of Medicine (WUSM) celebrated its employees by hosting its annual Employee Picnic. Beginning at 11a, thousands of employees started lining up to enjoy BBQ from Kendrick’s Meats and Catering, Ted Drewes custard, and a variety of carnival games for prizes. Since 2013, the Office of Sustainability has worked with […]

Active Transportation Month In Full Swing

Week one of Active Transportation Month (ATM) is underway and has featured several exciting events. On October 1, the Office of Sustainability collaborated with the Outing Club for a bike trip to Grove Fest. Attendees (shown above) enjoyed a ride through Forest Park en route to this annual event, which features street performers, live music, and a variety […]

October is Active Transportation Month

October is Active Transportation Month (ATM) at Washington University. The goal of ATM is to motivate staff, faculty, and students to kick the car habit and try active, low-carbon means of transportation. If you cannot imagine going car-free, consider carpooling or budgeting time to try transit one or two days during the month. If you are […]

Employee Picnic Strives for Zero Waste

On September 30th, the Office of Sustainability and the Operations and Facilities Management Departments will team up with the Employee Picnic Planning Committee to pursue zero waste at the Washington University School of Medicine (WUSM) Employee Picnic. Betsy Snyder, Chair of the Employee Picnic Planning Committee, worked with vendors, including caterer Kendrick’s and frozen custard provider […]

Detention Basin Performs During Heavy Rain Events

Nearly a year ago, at the corner of Scott and Taylor Avenues, a detention basin was constructed as part of the landscaping associated with the newly constructed 4515 McKinley Research Building. Since then, the St. Louis area has received periods of heavy rain including a couple of record-setting events. Detention basins are a low-lying area designed to […]

Staff Spotlight: Paul Williams

Paul Williams has joined Washington University’s School of Medicine in the Operations and Facilities Management Department (OFMD) as the Communications and Program Coordinator. “This is a great opportunity to contribute to such a diverse and energetic organization. Truly honored,” he said. Paul received his Bachelor of Science from Harris Stowe University. He brings years of […]

Volunteers Needed: WUSM Employee Picnic

The annual WUSM Employee Appreciation Picnic will be held in Hudlin Park on Friday, September 30, from 11a to 2p. The picnic will feature a BBQ lunch, frozen custard from Ted Drewes, music, and games. To minimize waste associated with the picnic, planning staff have worked with the caterers to ensure that compostable serviceware (plates, […]

Sustainability at WUSM Orientation

The School of Medicine’s Student Sustainability Committee works to make sustainability a priority on campus. On August 1, committee members presented to first-year medical students as part of their orientation. In addition to reviewing the importance of energy efficiency and waste reduction, members touched on the impacts of climate change on public health, such as the link […]

Dermatologist Seeks Research Partners

GOAL: To better understand how alternative diapering solutions can help to resolve the issues of diaper need. ABSTRACT: Diaper need is defined as the difference in the number of diapers a baby requires and the number of diapers a family can provide. Diaper need results in unsafe diapering practices that have been correlated to postpartum mood disorders […]

A Thrifty Approach to Equipment Upgrades

WUSM’s Facilities Custodial Department has demonstrated innovation and thrift when getting rid of old equipment and supplies. Rather than throw it away, they sold it! The WUSM Facilities Custodial Department has been upgrading and removing old equipment in order to provide custodians with reliable equipment to carry out their daily duties. During this process, WUSM […]

Olin Residence Hall Furniture Recycling

Washington University School of Medicine (WUSM) students have called Olin Residence Hall home since it was built in 1959. Because it houses over 200 residents at a time, it has also seen its share of furniture over the past fifty-seven years. In 2014, the Facilities Management Department (FMD) began administering the lease for the Quadrangle, which manages […]

Medical Students Save Energy and Save Lives

During the spring 2016 semester, utilizing support from the Student Sustainability Fund, the WUSM Student Sustainability Committee distributed nearly 1,000 LED light bulbs to medical students. This project engaged future physicians in sustainability by encouraging this easy first step: changing out light bulbs. This initiative had two main goals: (i) generate tangible action on energy reduction, […]

Staff Feature

A Dynamic Duo: Carrol Joiner and Bob Gereaux Carrol Joiner came to the Medical School 20 years ago, while Bob Gereaux joined the Medical School 11 years ago. Carrol started out as a building HVAC maintenance mechanic/technician. Bob ended up working for the in-house HVAC systems and controls group as a recommissioning technician. About 2½ […]

Bike Commuter Profile: Ryan Nicholls

Ryan Nicholls, Assistant Director for Emergency Management, commutes home by bicycle most days of the week. He started this routine in the spring of 2015. Unlike many community members who live closer to campus, Ryan rides 26 miles to his home in High Ridge, located in Northwestern Jefferson County, Missouri. Ryan explained that the main motivation for riding […]

Upgrades at Central Institute for the Deaf (CID)

The School of Medicine’s (WUSM) Facilities Management Department has been involved in two recent efforts at the Central Institute for the Deaf (CID) to optimize the operation of the space conditioning equipment at the school and research buildings in order to save energy and lower operating costs. The Facilities Management Department has operated and maintained the CID’s […]

Winter Metro Commuting Tips

As I stepped outside to travel to the Metro Park-Ride lot, the cold January wind started to hit my face with its bitter sting. Fortunately, I had my scarf and wrapped it around my hood as I walked to the car. One of the many reasons drivers cite as a reason to drive instead of […]

Mid Campus Center opens in December 2016

The Mid Campus Center (MCC), a 12-story administrative office building on Children’s Place in the Central West End, will open its doors in December 2016. MCC is bringing departments together to improve the way occupants work, with new spaces for faculty offices, campus administration, research, safety and auxiliary services. Move in’s begin in December and will […]