Buildings School of Medicine

Mid Campus Center opens in December 2016

The Mid Campus Center (MCC), a 12-story administrative office building on Children’s Place in the Central West End, will open its doors in December 2016. MCC is bringing departments together to improve the way occupants work, with new spaces for faculty offices, campus administration, research, safety and auxiliary services. Move in’s begin in December and will be staggered until April 2017. Construction will be ongoing through April.

This building is a collaboration between Washington University School of Medicine and Barnes-Jewish Hospital and will be one of the first of its kind to share not only space but resources, such as coffee stations, printers/copiers and other services and equipment. For floors with multiple departments, representatives have met to determine how communal resources will be managed and used.

Another resource-sharing aspect will be housed on first floor of MCC: the new Joint Public Safety Center, which is a partnership between Washington University School of Medicine Protective Services, Emergency Management and Business Continuity Programs and Barnes-Jewish Hospital Public Safety Department. This collaboration will contain a security infrastructure including access control, centralized 911-type communications and radio communications as well as a Joint Emergency Operation Center and a Joint Information Center.

In keeping with the environmental priorities that have been integral to the building since its inception, the facility offers robust recycling services. Each office, work station and common space has a bin for single stream recycling. Garbage should be brought to the trash can in all common spaces. Other features include showers and locker rooms for bike commuters, LED lighting, and occupancy sensors. The building is anticipated to achieve LEED gold certification.

For more information on the MCC, please visit the Operations & Facilities Management website.