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Winter Metro Commuting Tips

As I stepped outside to travel to the Metro Park-Ride lot, the cold January wind started to hit my face with its bitter sting. Fortunately, I had my scarf and wrapped it around my hood as I walked to the car. One of the many reasons drivers cite as a reason to drive instead of commute by Metro transit bus and/or train is dealing with inclement or cold weather. An additional bonus to taking MetroLink is to avoid traffic jams and slippery roads. A few simple steps eliminate many of the challenges brought on by winter weather.

Metro Clayton

Just like our mothers told us, layers are the best precaution against the cold. Wearing a pair of thermals and an extra coat will keep you warm, while others who are less prepared suffer. I remember feeling sorry for a commuter, who left in only a sweater on a 54-degree morning. By 3 pm, the temperature dropped to 24 degrees and he was clearly uncomfortable. If you do not need them, you can always remove them.

Snow can also be a challenge. If you have ever worn wet socks all day at work, you know how unpleasant it can be. Slip an extra pair of socks in your bag before you head out on snowy or rainy days and you will be warm and toasty during the day. Snow boots can also keep your feet extra dry and warm!

I found a helpful article from NextStop, the official blog of Metro Transit. Implement these tips and you no longer need to fear commuting during cold or inclement weather. You will be prepared.

Ken Zimmerman Jr. is the Operations Manager at the Washington University School of Medicine Protective Services. He is also a regular Metro Commuter! Photo courtesy (above): Bi-State Development