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Dermatologist Seeks Research Partners

GOAL: To better understand how alternative diapering solutions can help to resolve the issues of diaper need.

ABSTRACT: Diaper need is defined as the difference in the number of diapers a baby requires and the number of diapers a family can provide. Diaper need results in unsafe diapering practices that have been correlated to postpartum mood disorders and serious infant health issues. With the awareness of the environmental impact related to various diapering choices, we are interested in the sustainability of those various diapering choices. To date, there has not been a comprehensive independent life cycle analysis performed comparing typical use of cloth diapers, disposable diapers, and diaper services. We would like to look at the environmental impact (sp: water, energy & petroleum) of these diapering modalities to better understand long term sustainability.

RFP: I am currently seeking faculty and students who would be interested in contributing to interdisciplinary research to create a life cycle analysis of cloth and disposable diapers. A life cycle analysis is just one aspect of the project. The bigger picture includes addressing related issues of public policy, poverty, health, social justice and environmental justice.

BIO: I am a graduating dermatology resident soon to be an Assistant Professor of Medicine in the division of dermatology. I am conducting several multidisciplinary projects on diaper need. Diaper need results in unsafe diapering practices that can negatively impact both maternal and infantile health and wellness. Specifically, I am interested in how cloth diapers can provide a sustainable solution to diaper need.

CONTACT: Rebecca Chibnall,