Live Near Your Work, WashU’s employee housing assistance program, provides forgivable loans to WashU and BJC Healthcare employees who buy homes in certain historic neighborhoods near campus.

How To Participate

Live Close to Work to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Not only does Live Near Your Work provide a variety of housing options for faculty and staff and help revitalize historic urban neighborhoods, but it also makes it easy to commute to work without a car!

Skinker-DeBaliviere neighborhood. Source:

All eligible neighborhoods are within reach of all of WashU’s campuses by alternative transportation and are largely walkable, meaning that daily errands such as grocery shopping can be easily accomplished without a car. Find out more about commuting by bicycle and public transit in St. Louis.

Living car-free or reducing the number of car trips you take (especially for short distances) is one of the best ways to reduce your environmental impact. See for yourself as you adjust the options when calculating your ecological footprint.

Financial Benefits of Living Near Work

Live Near Your Work provides a flat forgivable loan of $8,500 for closing costs and a down payment. Employees who purchase a home in Forest Park Southeast are eligible for a $12,500 forgivable loan.

Beyond free money towards your new home, you can eliminate your annual parking permit, save time on your commute, quit filling up your car tank and perhaps even get rid of your car! According to the American Public Transportation Association, you can save $10,160 per year on average by taking public transportation instead of driving.

Eligible Neighborhoods

To receive the forgivable loan, employees can purchase homes in any of the neighborhoods in the shaded area below: