Located on the lower level of the new Schnuck Pavilion on the East End, the Active Commuter Hub aims to support the WashU community commuting by bike, foot, public transit, or other active transportation by providing a place to shower, change, and get ready before the workday. The Hub is also accessible to people wanting to exercise over break or lunchtime.

Staff, faculty, students, and Basic Service Contractor employees can become a member of the Active Commuter Hub to use the showers and lockers available in the space.

Hub Amenities

Bike Parts Vending Machine

On your right when you enter the Active Commuter Hub, the wall-mounted vending machine offers a number of bike parts and tools for basic repairs and maintenance, including four types of tubes, front and rear lights, flat pack multi-tools, patch kits, dry lubricant, CO2 inflators, and cartridges. The machine accepts bills, coins, and will soon accept Bears Bucks.


Shower use is restricted to members of the Active Commuter Hub. There are four showers in the space, including one that is ADA accessible. In each shower stall, users can find hooks, a bench, foam hair and body wash, a sink, and a hair dryer.

Restrooms are accessible in the hallway outside of the Hub.

Cubby-style Lockers

Also reserved to members of the Active Commuter Hub, cubby-style lockers are for day use only and they must be vacated at the close of each day. A locker can fit a small bag and a pair of shoes, allowing users to store their commute clothes and towel during the day. Users must bring their own lock in order to use cubby-style lockers.

Z-style Lockers

Z-style lockers are bigger and taller, allowing users to hang clothes or towels from the hooks inside the lockers. Unlike cubby lockers, Z-style lockers can be reserved for a fee. Members that select this option are assigned a locker number that they can use for the entire semester. Users must bring their own lock in order to use Z-style lockers.

Becoming a Member

Make sure you have read all the information listed below before completing the application form to become a member of the Active Commuter Hub.


Any WashU staff, faculty, student, or basic service contractor employee (Allied Universal, Flick, Bon Appetit, Catering St. Louis, Focal Pointe, Follett, Huntleigh, and WFF) is eligible to become a member of the Active Commuter Hub. If the demand is higher than the space can accommodate, priority will be given to active commuters (people walking, running, biking or using public transit to get to campus).


There are three membership cycles per year: Fall, Spring, and Summer. Memberships can be renewed or changed at the end of each cycle. At the beginning of the academic year, users will be able to sign up for multiple semesters at a time.


Currently, the basic membership fee is $20 for access to the showers and daily cubby-style lockers. Members can add a reserved Z-style locker to their membership for an additional $20, bringing the total cost of the membership to $40. Members who are assigned a reserved Z-style locker can no longer use the daily lockers. Discounted rates are available to graduate and undergraduate students upon request. These fees are introductory as we work to improve the Hub’s operations. Pricing is subject to change over time.

Access to the Space

The hub can be accessed either from the underground East End Garage or from the staircase leading down from inside Parkside Café. All showers are card access only. Members will be given swipe access to use the showers as well as the main entrance of the Schnuck Pavilion outside of business hours. When the building is open, anyone can access the hub to use the bike parts vending machine.

Steps to Become a Member

Becoming a member of the Active Commuter Hub is a two-step process. To be considered for the upcoming semester, you must submit the application form (linked below). If you are eligible and selected, you will receive instructions on how to complete your registration, which involves paying for your membership, agreeing to the conditions of use, and signing a release.

Selection Process

To ensure that each member can benefit from the Active Commuter Hub amenities, the amount of memberships available is limited. If the demand is higher than the space can accommodate, we will organize a lottery. 

The Active Commuter Hub is brought to you by the Office of Sustainability and Parking & Transportation Services. Please send any questions, suggestions, or concerns to sustainability@wustl.edu.