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New Funding Opportunity for Sustainability Projects

Folks at WashU are full of good ideas. A lot of great sustainability-related ideas make their way to us and due to the Office of Sustainability being a small (but mighty!) team, capacity issues prevent us from implementing many of these projects.  

After hearing a strong and positive response after this summer’s Wellness Challenge, Sustain, and to support the great work of the participants of the Green Office and Green Lab programs, we were inspired to create an avenue to help get some smaller-scale projects off the ground. Thus, was born the WashU Sustainability Fund, a way for staff, faculty, basic service contractors—and even students—to submit project ideas for funding consideration, up to $2500.  

“WashU’s sustainability work is driven by countless faculty and staff champions who identify opportunities and take action within their spheres of influence. The new WashU Sustainability Fund is intended to further empower our champions with resources to bring their ideas to life,” stated assistant vice chancellor for sustainability, Phil Valko. 

Visit the fund’s page for more information about the fund and to access the online application form.