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Farewell, Class of 2021!

The end of another year is upon us, which means we must say farewell to another cohort of students in the Energy, Environment and Sustainability (EES) Internship program. The EES partners, which consist of Environmental Studies, Office of Sustainability, Tyson Conservation Corp and WashU Climate Change Program, are thankful and proud of all the graduating students who contributed to sustainability work and advocacy during their years at WashU, through internships, student groups or grassroots activism.  

One of the main goals of the program is to bring together students working in the sustainability arena by providing shared professional development and enrichment opportunities.

As we reflect over the past school year that started with so much uncertainty, we realize how fortunate we were to have the ability to shift the EES internship program offerings to a virtual landscape. From our semester intern kickoff to our professional development opportunities, we were still able to offer relevant, high quality content. We capped off the semester with our first in-person gathering in over a year with a cleanup event at O’Fallon Park, partnering with earthday365.

We are excited to see how the careers will unfold for these talented students as they leave WashU for post-graduate opportunities. The sustainability alumni network has just gotten larger and we couldn’t be happier!