The Office of Sustainability (OOS) internship program has been training the next generation of leaders and researchers in energy, environment and sustainability since 2011.  Today, in conjunction with our university partners – the International Center for Energy, Environment and Sustainability (InCEES), Washington University Climate Change Program (WUCCP), and the Environmental Studies Program – we continue to educate and prepare future leaders for careers in their chosen sustainability field of work.

Our multi-stakeholder internship program places students in research and project teams, while simultaneously providing professional development and enrichment training. When a student joins our internship program, they obtain professional experiences outside of the classroom that provide additional skills and learning experiences.

The internship experience presents students with professional development and enrichment activities, opportunities to interact with alumni, as well as the ability to showcase their research at end of the year galas. These activities are just a few of the experiences that enhances their effectiveness and strategically positions them for a range of careers in the sustainability field.