The Living Earth Collaborative

The Living Earth Collaborative™ at Washington University in St. Louis is dedicated to advancing the knowledge of biodiversity and to ensuring the future of earth’s species in their many forms.

The center celebrates the diversity of living organisms and seeks to promote further understanding of the ways humans can help to preserve the varied natural environments that allow plants, animals and microbes to survive and thrive.

The center exists as a collaborative hub that facilitates interdisciplinary research among plant and animal biologists, and scholars across a wide range of fields.

The center aims to bring together the world’s top minds in the field of biodiversity in an international collaborative that transcends geographic and political boundaries to address the most pressing issues facing humankind – the ability to sustain life on earth.

Summer Research Internships

The Living Earth Collaborative™ offers paid 10 week summer research internships at the Missouri Botanical Gardens and the St. Louis Zoo for Washington University undergraduates.