Green Office Checklist: Updates for 2018

In collaboration with staff members from across WashU who specialize in a variety of office sustainability practices, the Green Office Team has developed an updated checklist for 2018. The updated checklist reflects current sustainability practices and resources across the university. It aims to increase our focus on resources available to employees and to encourage greater participation within offices by all office members. In addition, layout enhancements and new functionality intend to create a more user-friendly experience in completing the checklist.

As you begin your 2018 certifications, be sure to use the new checklist, which can be downloaded from the main Green Offices web page. As there are significant changes between this checklist and previous versions, we will not be able to complete checklists submitted on the old form after April 1. If you run into any problems completing the checklist or would like to provide feedback about the new format and questions, feel free to reach out to

Download the Green Office Checklist


A special thanks to all reviewers and contributors to the new checklist: 

  • Rob Downy, Resource Management
  • Becca Gilberg, Alternative Transportation Coordinator, Parking & Transportation
  • Tiffany Heineman, IT Administration
  • Ryan Lynch, HVAC Services Manager, Maintenance Administration
  • Emily Page, Employee Wellness Manager, Human Resources
  • Joe Polizzi, FedEx
  • Jean Ponzi, Green Resources Manager, EarthWays Center of Missouri Botanical Garden
  • Laura Sauer, Office Essentials
  • Janis Schade, Custodial Services Contract Manager
  • Clara Steyer, Sustainability Coordinator
  • Railesha Tiwari, Sustainable Design and Construction Project Manager
  • Phil Valko, Assistant Vice Chancellor of Sustainability