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Goodbye Graduates, Welcome Summer Students!

The Office of Sustainability is thankful and proud of all the graduating seniors who contributed to sustainability work and advocacy during their years at WashU, either through internships, student groups or grassroots activism. We are excited to see how careers will unfold for these talented individuals and to stay connected beyond their WashU time. Make the sustainability alum network grow!

Fortunately for us, the flow of students coming through the Office of Sustainability internship program is never ending and this summer, we are pleased to welcome eight new associates to our team. The summer team consists of three graduate students, three undergraduate students and two graduates from College Prep, a program that prepares high-achieving high school students with limited financial resources for college.

Although students have only been together for less than two weeks, they have already led a tour of LEED platinum Hillman Hall for College Prep, along with conducting important benchmarking research about sustainability strategic planning at peer institutions, with the goal to inform WashU in the renewal process of its own Strategic Plan for Sustainable Operations.

The team includes Brianna Chandler, Tai Hyunh, Lizzi Kehoe, Martha Benduski, Natia Kapanadze, Emily Jayne, Alexis Tinoco and Adrian Odamtten who all share a passion for the environment, but all bring different talents and skillsets to Office of Sustainability.

Above our office, the multi-stakeholder Energy, Environment and Sustainability (EES) internship program includes university partners InCEES (International Center for Energy, Environment and Sustainability), WUCCP (Washington University Climate Change Program), the Environmental Studies Program and Tyson Research Center. In bringing together these partners, associates benefit from shared professional development and enrichment training throughout the summer. Upcoming activities include a sustainable business tour, project management workshop, a trip to the Tyson Research Center, and much more!

Alexis Vidaurreta and Jenna Schnitzler, former Associates, celebrating Commencement