Green Cup is an annual competition to reduce energy use among Washington University’s Residential Colleges. Despite the special circumstances of the 2020/2021 school year, we will still be hosting a Green Cup this spring, but it will look a little different.

Quiz #4 is LIVE!

By taking weekly green-themed quizzes, you challenge yourself on your sustainability knowledge while earning points for your team!

Green Cup is adjusting to the unique situation 2020 brought us. As students’ living situations are unlike previous years, with some on campus, some off campus, and some still in their home towns, ResColleges will no longer be the basis of Green Cup teams. Instead, any student can create their own team, and students can join any team they wish.

Sophomore Maya Tsingos, Sustainability Chair of the CS40 and a member of both WUGAs and the Burning Kumquat, has been instrumental in planning this year’s Green Cup. “It’s always an amazing experience to participate in Green Cup and get to learn about sustainability efforts, but this year is taking it to another level. We’re getting everyone involved: students, family, friends… Everyone is welcome to join the competition! Planning around COVID has been tough, but it’s given us the opportunity to think outside the box in terms of how the WashU community can go green. Given the unique living situations, we’ve implemented more inclusive ways to show your involvement, and CS40 hopes it will be a way to meet new people and stay engaged in sustainability at WashU. I’m beyond excited to see how Green Cup pans out this semester, and I know we will create a community of green-oriented champions.”

Teams will be created and ran from the campus ecochallenge platform, which allows participants to take action, and earn points. Read on to learn how to create a team, or how to join a team. The competition will kickoff of on March 1, and run for a month.

Create a team

If you are excited about Green Cup and want to rally your friends to participate, consider creating your own team! Anyone can create a team, and it will only take a few minutes:

  1. Come up with a team name, and make sure to include “GC21” (without using “GC21”, we have no way to know you are participating in Green Cup!).
  2. Visit and hit “Join”. After joining, select “create your own team”.
  3. When creating your team, make sure to select “Washington University in St. Louis” under “organization or school.” Under “team check in window”, select March 1 as the start date and March 31 as the end date.
  4. Once your team is created, you can invite teammates via your team page (you’ll need their email addresses). You can also just tell them your team name and they can then join independently.
  5. If you want to encourage anyone to join your team, consider having it listed on this page (below), by emailing with your team name.
Join a team

If you want to participate in Green Cup without being a team captain, join an existing team!

  1. Visit and hit “Join”.
  2. After joining, select “join an existing team”, and search for teams by team names. The teams listed below will be excited to have you join (the more team members, the more points the team gets!)!

GC21 Community Team
GC21 WashU Green Ambassadors
GC21 Recyclops
GC21 Pudd Panthers
GC21 Birds Aren’t Real

While we won’t be able to deliver the Green Cup trophy in person this year, we will make sure the participants of the wining team are properly recognized and awarded for their efforts!

A student holds the green cup trophy, an award for dormitories that conserve the most energy and water

How To Win

Participate in the campus ecochallenge, commit and take actions and earn points for your team! The ecochallenge rewards commitment over time, so check in daily to get the maximum amount of points!The total score of your ecochallenge team will be divided by 10.Visit
Take the Sustainability Pledge to commit to a low impact lifestyle. It only takes a minute!Each person who takes the pledge earn 2 points for their team!Take the Sustainability Pledge now!
Participate in the weekly green-themed quizzes, which will be a fun and engaging way to challenge yourself on your sustainability knowledge while learning about climate solutions!Each person gets 1 point for each weekly quiz they fill out.Quizzes will be posted on this page starting March 1.
Post on Instagram about Green Cup, using #GreenCup21, and #nameofyourteam, and tagging @wustlsustain! Share about what you’re up to, what you’re learning, and how one can make a difference!Each post gets 1 point, and each story gets .5 points – make sure to tag @wustlsustain and #GreenCup21 and #teamname.


The Office of Sustainability recently hosted a Sustainable Living Series, a series of 5 webinars that offer guidance and resources to reduce carbon footprint in every aspects of our lives, including some special pandemic-friendly tips!

Some relevant resources that were presented during the series include the Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Living Guide, the Light Bulb Replacement guide, the Common Energy Devices infographic, the Sustainable Food Guide, the Resources for Bikers, WashU Rides, and more.


Green Cup is made possible through incredible campus partnerships. Thank you to the following:

  • Residential Life
  • Congress of the South 40
  • Facilities Department
  • Student Involvement and Leadership Office
  • North Side Association