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What we’re Reading on Racial Justice and the Environment

The global mobilization for Black lives and racial justice that we are experiencing today brings us to take a close look at how our disciplines have been perpetuating white supremacy and racism. We are challenged to take every action possible to dismantle these mechanisms, and to ensure that the work we do deliberately and simultaneously serves social justice, climate justice, and environmental sustainability.

Below is a compilation of articles that connect the dots between the movement for environmental sustainability and climate action, with the fight for racial justice and equality.

These stories remind us about the racist roots of the environmental movement, the missed opportunities to become truly inclusive, and most importantly the absolute and urgent necessity to rally behind Black voices and to fight for the interest of communities of color.

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For us people of color, the fight against climate change exists alongside the fight against white supremacy and colonialism.

Mattias Lehman, Sunrise Movement Digital Director