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Trees Find New Home During East End Construction

This summer WashU is beginning a new construction project in front of Brookings Hall on the east end of the main Washington University campus. The new building and underground parking structure will require crews to demolish the existing parking and green space. In preparation for the construction project, WashU’s landscaping team has relocating many of the trees that will be affected by the construction project. A total of 55 trees, representing 25 different species, have or will be transplanted before the May 5th Groundbreaking Ceremony. The majority of the trees are a significant size, ranging from 8′-12′ tall, totaling 165 caliper inches of relocated trees. Most of the trees will stay on the main campus, with just two moving to the Whittemore House and one going to the South 40. Trees on the main campus will surround Mudd Field and other nearby green spaces. Several trees in front of the Millbrook Parking Garage are also being relocated.

The tree relocation project is aligned with the tree canopy succession planting plan that will increase the tree canopy cover to 35% by 2035 and significantly increase the overall biodiversity of the tree species.

Of course, we will still mourn the loss of the iconic oak trees that line the alley from Skinker to the Brooking steps. Efforts are underway to salvage the wood for future use in campus projects.