The Office of Sustainability Now on Instagram!

The Office of Sustainability is proud to announce the launch of its new Instagram page! Initiated and operated by Student Associates on the Communications Team, the “WustlSustain” Instagram page aims to capture sustainability-related moments and places on WashU campuses, and to connect with other sustainability agents and initiatives in the St. Louis community.

So far, the account has featured event announcements, sustainability tips for your daily life, fun videos, and highlights of vegetarian meals available on campus. As the account grows, it will showcase more sustainability accomplishments, inspiring testimonies and stories from WashU people, and educational materials to help you live more sustainably.

As our only staff won’t be able to capture all sustainability moments and places at WashU, we are making our Instagram page a participatory channel. We’d be happy to post any relevant pictures or videos that you share with us to better showcase WashU’s commitment to the environment. Interested in taking part in this crowdsourcing? Here are two ways you can share content with us:

  • If you have Instagram, you can post from your account; tag @wustlsustain and use the hashtag #WashuSustain. If your picture is relevant, we’ll make sure to share it on our page!
  • You can also email your content to Our communications interns will review it and post it on our social media!

Make sure to follow us @wustlsustain and to use the hashtag #WashUSustain! And, don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter @wustlsustain to say connected with all things sustainable at WashU.