Share Our Stuff – Where Does It All Go?

The end of the academic year is quickly approaching. Pretty soon it will be time for students to pack up and scatter across the globe, wherever their summer or graduation plans may take them. Since many WashU students come from farther than a packed car-ride away, it is not practical to ship or store their […]

Themed-Party Clothing for Rent On-Campus!

The new store on the South 40’s storefront came out of necessity. Facing the recurring challenge to find affordable and sustainable clothes for their themed Greek Life parties, Leah Carson, Katie Kim, and Jordan Bloom decided to grab the bull by the horns and to create Weekend Wear. “We wanted to create a solution that […]

Mackenzie Welcomes the Class of 2022 with Green Living Tips!

Hello and welcome to the WashU Class of 2022! My name is Mackenzie Hines-Wilson, I’m a sophomore Arts & Sciences student and just one year ago I was in your exact same situation: a little excited, a little confused, and a little uncertain of how exactly I, as a first-year student, could start to make […]

Share Our Stuff: An Initiative to Minimize Waste

As the semester ends, students pack up their St. Louis homes and transition to summer experiences. With only so much space in the car or storage unit, many belongings become available for new uses and new owners. Thanks to the Share Our Stuff Initiative, a tremendous amount of usable goods are diverted from the landfill, for use […]

Share Our Stuff 2018: Seeking Volunteers!

SWAP is getting ready for Share Our Stuff, its end-of-semester donation initiative, and is looking for volunteers! Partnering with WashU ResLife, the Office of Sustainability, and WashU Facilities, SWAP is mobilizing a campus-wide (and off-campus WashU owned) collection for anything usable that would otherwise be thrown out. How it works: Donation bins will be placed […]

SWAP Brings PLAN to Campus

The  following article  has been contributed by SWAP (Sharing With A Purpose), the only nonprofit student business at Washington University. Claire Irawan, Sustainability Coordinator for SWAP and freshman at WashU, tells us about PLAN and its involvement with WashU’s Earth Week. WashU’s nonprofit Sharing With A Purpose (SWAP) is proud to bring the Points of […]

SWAP, Donate your Stuff and Get Involved!

The Office of Sustainability is happy to feature an article about SWAP (Sharing With A Purpose), the only nonprofit student business at Washington University. Sylvie Skene, Director of Education and Eva Blumenfeld, Director of Marketing tell us the story of SWAP, its purpose and operations. Learn about the different ways you can get involved with […]

Donate Unneeded Items Before Winter Move-Out

Beginning December 10, Residential Life and Sharing With A Purpose (SWAP) are providing a new service for students interested to donate old or unused items before heading home for the winter break. Similar to the Share our Stuff move-out drive each May, the collection service makes it easy to divert unneeded items like clothing, kitchenware, and dorm supplies […]