Resource Digest: STL City Recycles

As landfills continue to negatively affect both the environment and human health, it is increasingly important for us to take responsibility. Of the many things we can do to decrease our contributions to the landfill, the simplest is to recycle. When recycling, keep recyclable materials clean and dry. Do not put items that aren’t on […]

Donate Unneeded Items Before Winter Move-Out

Beginning December 10, Residential Life and Sharing With A Purpose (SWAP) are providing a new service for students interested to donate old or unused items before heading home for the winter break. Similar to the Share our Stuff move-out drive each May, the collection service makes it easy to divert unneeded items like clothing, kitchenware, and dorm supplies […]

Is Your Coffee Sustainable?

For many of us, coffee is essential. A cup in the morning is a common ritual, and without it, the morning wouldn’t be complete. For something so central to our daily routines, the selection of a coffee machine can be especially important. While some look for economy, others prioritize convenience. However, daily routines are also a perfect […]

A Thrifty Approach to Equipment Upgrades

WUSM’s Facilities Custodial Department has demonstrated innovation and thrift when getting rid of old equipment and supplies. Rather than throw it away, they sold it! The WUSM Facilities Custodial Department has been upgrading and removing old equipment in order to provide custodians with reliable equipment to carry out their daily duties. During this process, WUSM […]

Olin Residence Hall Furniture Recycling

Washington University School of Medicine (WUSM) students have called Olin Residence Hall home since it was built in 1959. Because it houses over 200 residents at a time, it has also seen its share of furniture over the past fifty-seven years. In 2014, the Facilities Management Department (FMD) began administering the lease for the Quadrangle, which manages […]