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Stories From the Carpool Launches

A carpool is an arrangement between two or more people to share a trip in a single vehicle. You can carpool on your commute to work or school, to events and errands, on your way to/from your hometown for school breaks, or anywhere else you need to go!

For those who don’t have a car, carpooling is an easy way to access a vehicle without having to worry about owning one. For vehicle owners, carpooling is a great way to share expenses while making your trip more social, less stressful, and more sustainable!

Stories From the Carpool recounts inspiring stories from WashU’s very own carpoolers! There are around 150 people who carpool as a commute to the Danforth campus, and many more to the Medical campus. Learn about their experience finding their carpool buddies, the reasons why they made the choice of carpooling, and what they gain from it!

Resources for WashU Carpoolers

WashU makes carpooling easy with the WashU Rides carpool matching platform. With WashU Rides, you can find and connect with others along your route who are interested in carpooling, either for daily commutes or one-time trips!

With WashU Rides, you can also explore other commute options via an interactive tool that maps transportation infrastructure and services in relation to your commute route and the WashU campuses.

Once you have a carpool buddy, you’ll be eligible to receive discounted parking permits and access to prime parking spaces on campus through the Bearly Drivers program.

Read Stories from WashU Carpoolers

If you are a carpooler yourself, we’d love to hear your story! Fill out this form so we can learn more about your carpooling story.

Nina Kim

Nina Kim

“Find someone with a similar schedule and music tastes.”

Jennifer Kraus-Smith

Jennifer Kraus-Smith

“It’s fun having someone to chat with. It definitely makes the commute seem shorter.”

James  McDonald

James McDonald

“Every week we switch off who drives, saving us wear and tear on our vehicles.”

Marc Wock

Marc Wock

“I saved at least $760 in gas costs within 5 months”