Marc Wock

"I saved at least $760 in gas costs within 5 months"

Marc Wock has been a maintenance electrician at WashU for about a year. In parallel to his work, he is pursuing a major in Electrical Automation Technology with Ranken Technical College.

Living in the Jerseyville area in Illinois, about 40 miles away from campus, he first started carpooling in part to save money; which has proven to be very effective. Within the first five months of carpooling, Marc had already saved at least $760 in gas costs, without even considering the wear and tear prevented on his car and tires.

Marc also enjoys the access to discounted priority parking offered to WashU carpoolers through the Bearly Drivers permit program. Through this program, full-time employees on the Danforth campus may share the cost of a parking permit and park in designated Bearly Drivers spaces.

Marc met his carpool partner through work in WashU’s Maintenance Operations department. They share the driving on a weekly basis and stay in touch over text in case one of them can’t drive on a given day. When that happens, they can use one of the monthly individual garage passes that come with the Bearly Drivers carpool pass.

According to Marc, the biggest misconception about carpooling is that it’s a hassle – he assures that you can avoid that situation as long as you communicate with your carpool partners.

Because of COVID-19, Marc no longer has a carpool buddy. He’s been using WashU Rides to identify people from the WashU community who may have a similar commute itinerary. We wish him best of luck in this search!

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