Join WashU Together in the People’s Ecochallenge this October

WashU’s Fall 2020 semester has finally commenced. As many faculty, staff, and students return to campus amidst a global pandemic, protocols have been put in place to ensure the safety and prosperity of our community. It goes without saying that this will be a semester unlike any other.

That said, even amidst all these changes, the WashU Together ecochallenge team is once again embarking on another virtual sustainability journey. Taking place from October 7th to October 28th, the people’s ecochallenge will be the third online ecochallenge that WashU participates in as a team this year.

We are inviting everyone in the WashU community, across campuses and university affiliations (partners and neighbors included!), to join our team “WashU Together” so we can amplify individual and collective action, camaraderie, and friendly competition for a better shared future.

Once you’re in, you can select actions to take that align with your individual values and make a 21-day commitment to complete those actions, all the while practicing and reinforcing good habits.

People’s Ecochallenge

Join “WashU Together”

Log actions: Oct 7-28

There are over 100 actions to choose from organized in different tracks including health, justice, simplicity, healing, along with the more traditional waste, food, transportation, energy, and water.

With new action tracks such as “justice for the whole community” and “healing and renewal”, you can reflect and learn ways to build more just and equitable systems while nurturing the Earth and its ecosystems. These actions encourage you to think about and act on proven solutions, connecting the dots between your values and your action.

Having historically ranked high in past ecochallenges, we are excited to strengthen our community, learn alongside each other, and raise the bar even higher!

Keep track of the team’s progress by following us on Instagram @wustlsustain.