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Join “WashU Together” in the Online Earth Day Ecochallenge

Note: If you join after April 1,
you can still back log your actions up to 4 days!

On the first Earth Day in 1970, 20 million people in the United States took a stand to demand a better way forward for our planet. Here we are fifty years later, and Earth Day is now recognized as the planet’s most significant annual civic engagement event.

To make up for the cancellation of WashU Earth Week originally scheduled for this April, we are inviting everyone in the WashU community, across campuses and university affiliations (partners and neighbors included!), to join the online Earth Day Ecochallenge so we can collectively celebrate the 50th anniversary of Earth Day and take action for a better-shared future.

In light of our social distancing, the Earth Day Ecochallenge made itself evermore compelling with a new action track – “Building Resilience” – that includes actions you can take from home to help us build resilience in our communities and in ourselves.

Once you’re in, you can select actions to take that align with your individual values and make a 30-day commitment to complete those actions, all the while practicing and reinforcing good habits. For every completed action, you earn points for the WashU Together team and create impact. You can choose actions that are taken one-time or daily, and choose them from categories such as Wildlife, Freshwater, Oceans, People, Food, Climate, Forests, and Resiliency.

During the challenge period, we’ll organize social media campaigns to which all “WashU Together” members will be invited in contributing to, and even a zoom social to connect and share our experiences while taking the Earth Day Ecochallenge!

See you at 🌎