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April is Active Transportation Month

Students, faculty and staff wait in line for a free bike tune-up.

April is the first of two Active Transportation Months (ATM) at Washington University. The goal of ATM is to motivate staff, faculty and students to kick the car habit and try active, low-carbon means of transportation. If you cannot imagine going car-free, consider carpooling or budgeting time to try transit one or two days during the month. If you are an everyday cyclist, try and commit to going grocery shopping or getting to and from the laundromat on two wheels–try challenging yourself to use sustainable transportation within a 3-mile radius of your home. Whatever your commitment to active transportation is today, we ask that you step it up during the month of April!

ATM is a good time to remind the WashU community of the resources our university offers to active commuters. This past year, WashU was given a gold level Bike Friendly University designation. The Medical Campus was also recognized as a Bike Friendly Business at the silver level. Free bike registration is available to all members of the Danforth campus community. With the weather warming up, don’t forget you have access to the amenities of our Active Commuter Hub, a space for registered members to shower and get ready before work or class. The Danforth campus has six bike repair stations and within the Active Commuter Hub, a bike parts vending machine (cash only for now) that is available to all WashU community members.

Parking & Transportation has created a one-stop Smart Commute page to help our community be aware of their many options to get from point A to point B! Also feel free to peruse the Office of Sustainability’s Resources for Bikers.