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The Recycling Genius program was developed to help address waste contamination on campus. Recycling Geniuses receive training on current recycling guidelines and help educate the WashU community about correctly sorting waste.

The Recycling Genius program was developed in response to recurring contamination issues across campus. In 2016, loads of compost and recycling were being rejected from their respective collection facilities due to cross contamination with other waste and improper sorting. This problem primarily stemmed from a lack of education and outdated signage at the waste receptacles.

The WashU community is committed to lowering contamination rates. Recycling Geniuses will play a key role in addressing this important issue, as peer-to-peer education is the most impactful way to inspire action.

After participating in a 30-minute training, Recycling Geniuses are invited to volunteer in different dining halls across campus and at special events. Geniuses will be stationed in front of the waste receptacles and will offer to assist people when they throw out their trash. They will also help with tabling to bring awareness to the new recycling guidelines.

Perks of being a Recycling Genius include:

  • Each volunteer will receive a Recycling Genius button and Sustainability t-shirt
  • Volunteers will feel good knowing they are making a difference, at WashU and within the greater St. Louis community

Fill out the form below to  become a Recycling Genius – we will notify you of upcoming trainings once they are scheduled. 

Recycling Genius Application

Recycling Genius Application

Recycling Geniuses must interact with people when they are throwing away their waste. This type of volunteer role requires constant positive interaction.

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