Students Going Green in Ursa’s

On Friday, November 20, around 80 students gathered to “Go Green in Ursa’s.” The event was hosted by the Congress of the South 40 (CS40) Sustainability Committee and included free vegetarian comfort food, a salad bar, mug decorations, and a t-shirt upcycling session led by members of the Trading Post.

CS40 Sustainability Chair Ruyan Zhang and student Eco Reps coordinated planning and promotion of the event. They provided free blank mugs to be decorated and encouraged participants to bring them to upcoming College Council meetings and other events in order to decrease waste created by disposable cups. The Committee also provided free shirts to be re-purposed into items like tank tops and rugs.

The CS40 Sustainability Committee plans environmentally-oriented programs and initiatives on the South 40 and works to make all student events sustainable year-round. Upcoming initiatives include the Green Cup energy reduction competition, which will take place in February.