The Office of Sustainability regularly publishes Resource Digest articles, pieces which highlight sustainability-oriented resources for our readers. We created Resource Digest to provide a diverse bank of resources that we here at the Office of Sustainability find enlightening and empowering. All of the featured resources will be handpicked and vetted! Check out our past articles below to learn more and check back regularly for new articles!

STL City Recycles

In the second Resource Digest issue, Waste Associate Alexis Tinoco presents STL City Recycles, a hyper local resource to learn everything you need to know about recycling. Learn all about the recycling process in the recycling plant and how you can get involved as well!

The Story of Stuff

In our first-ever resource feature, communications intern Selaam Dollisso presents The Story of Stuff Project, an over-a-decade long movement that is still growing to this day. Learn about the linear system of our material economy, going from extraction, to production, to distribution, to consumption, and finally, to disposal.