Scott Krummenacher

Lecturer in Environmental Studies, Excellence in Community Engagement and Environmental Justice

Scott Krummenacher is lecturer of environmental studies at Washington University in St. Louis. He is currently part of an interdisciplinary team of researchers investigating urban green space as part of the Urban Vitality and Ecology project in St. Louis. He teaches and advises students in the environmental policy major. Prior to joining Washington University, he was a sustainability scholar and visiting assistant professor of public policy at Saint Louis University. His current work focuses on urban agriculture, urban parks and other forms of urban greening. His areas of expertise include environmental policy, urban park policy, local food policy and state & local conservation policy.

Professor Krummenacher teaches the following courses related to environmental justice: Environmental Justice; Globalization, Urbanization and the Environment; and Sustainability Exchange.  He is also involved in researching Food Justice/Urban Agriculture, Urban Parks, and Urban Greening.  For the Urban Agriculture research, he is seeking collaborators to study the social and environmental impacts of urban agriculture in the St. Louis region.