June SAT Meeting

On Wednesday, June 22, the Sustainability Action Team (SAT) will have two special guest speakers: Angela Rolufs, Director of the Office of Sustainable Energy and Environmental Engagement (OSE3) at Missouri Science & Technology in Rolla, and Laura Lock, who works with Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District (MSD), and will be speaking on the Project Clear Grant initiative.

Angela will be sharing highlights of the MS&T sustainability program, featuring initiatives such as the Ebus and the Solar Village. Laura will be sharing how home owners can apply for grants from MSD, if they live in certain watersheds, to create a yard that will prevent rainwater runoff.

We are very excited to hear from both of these speakers, and we hope you can join us to learn what other universities in the state are doing and what you can do, even if you aren’t in a grant priority area, to prevent rainwater runoff.

All are welcome!

June 22, 11:30a – 1p
King Center of Becker Medical Library