University Surplus Donation Program

University Surplus Donation Program

Departments and Schools across Washington University manage their own purchasing, which includes furniture, equipment and supplies. For many reasons, materials like office furniture, residential furniture, lab equipment, and office supplies, are no longer needed by their original owner. The decentralized nature of the university makes it difficult to know who to go to if you are looking for these materials or how to quickly get them into the hands of someone else who can use them.

The Office of Sustainability and the Department of Resource Management are working together with many partners across the university to streamline and track donations of surplus property and connect people both internally and externally who are seeking to give or take usable materials, extending their useful life, preventing the need to purchase new materials, and delaying disposal in a landfill.

Resources (currently under development):

  • Are you an office or department within WashU seeking to donate or receive office supplies? Check out the newly-launched Office Supply Exchange to easily give and receive offices supplies at no cost.
  • Are you from an office or department within WashU seeking used office furniture, supplies or other materials? Fill out this form to receive alerts when items become available. Or, check out the current listing of available items for free or for sale.
  • Are you from an office or department within WashU seeking to get rid of furniture, equipment or supplies? Post your items on WashU’s surplus property page or check out a list of non-profit organizationswho would love to take those items off your hands.
  • Are you a non-profit organization or charity that is seeking donated furniture, equipment or supplies? Fill out this form to receive notifications when items become available and to be listed on our website. Or, check out the current listing of available items for free or for sale.
  • Are you a student interested in donating items you no longer need or can’t take with you at the end of the school year? Check out the Trading Post (an on-campus free thrift store), and year-end move out events: the Share Our Stuff drive for on campus donations and Lightening Your Load for off-campus donations.

For more information or to get involved, contact Cassie Hage (