Office Supply Graphic

In 2019, The Office of Sustainability partnered with Mail Services to launch the Office Supply Exchange, a pilot program designed to facilitate the recirculation of useful office materials. The program serves as a centralized process for donating and receiving office supplies and is open to employees on all WashU campuses with access to internal mail circulation routes.

Donate – Moving office spaces? Did someone leave or retire from their position? Doing some seasonal cleaning? Don’t let unused office supplies pile up!

  • Send commonly used office supplies (listed below) via campus mail: MSC 1043-423-1130; Attn: Laurie Brady.
  • For large quantities, please contact Laurie in advance to confirm the ability to accept the materials.

Surplus items will be donated to local non-profits and schools. 

Receive – All of the Office Supply Exchange current inventory is posted on Rheaply, the university’s platform for exchanging any type of materials, supplies, equipment and furniture. Quickly set up an account and search for office supplies to request what you need. Your order will be delivered to you via campus mail!

Exchange Supplies:

  • binders
  • office paper
  • paper clips
  • memo pads & sticky notes
  • pens & pencils
  • staples and staplers
  • tape and tape dispensers
  • file folders (can be used, but good condition)
  • envelops (plain and intra-office)
  • mailing labels
  • rubber bands
  • push pins
  • unopened ink cartridges
  • desk organizers
  • small office lamps
  • keyboards
  • computer mice & speakers
  • power cords

All items should be in good working order. Please separate materials (for example, bag paper clips and rubberbands, rather than sending a mixed bag).

Send any question, input or suggestions to Cassandra Hage, or Laurie Brady,