Event Greening

People dispose of waste at a green waste station at an event on WashU campus.Washington University in St. Louis is working to make all events zero waste events. The ‘green waste station’ approach allows us to compost and recycle up to 95% of material, significantly reducing landfill waste and greenhouse gas emissions. Without these stations, we would likely capture less than 25% of the event waste.

Order a Green Waste Station

For $96 per station, a full waste station will be delivered, set up prior to your event and cleared out after the event. If you prefer to set up and take down the waste station yourself, there is a $64 fee for delivery and pick-up of all components (up to three stations). We suggest 2 volunteers or 1 trained porter to work each Green Waste Station. For a fee of $32/hr, a trained porter from WFF can manage the station. One large yellow tote is included for each 200 people, unless otherwise indicate in the notes section of the request form.

Order a Green Waste Station



For smaller events of less than 100 people, you can rent a single compost tote by completing the Rent-A-Tote Order form below. This option is best suited for indoor events with fewer than 100 people. Through Rent-A-Tote, up to four 65-gallon composting totes will be delivered to your event for a total cost of $32.

Totes will be collected at the end of the event and contents will be composted.



DIY Composting

Do you want to offer composting at a small event or gathering (fewer than 30 people) but don’t have much of a budget? Contact our office (chage22@wustl.edu) for alternative options. Students are encouraged to check out the Student Sustainability Board for resources and funding, especially for larger events.


Resources for Composting at Your Event

There are many resources available to help you compost at your event. These include using all-compostable service ware, recruiting volunteers to staff the waste stations, placing signage to communicate your waste efforts to event goers, and marketing your efforts to the community.

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Volunteer Opportunities

Are you a recycling enthusiast? Compost Ambassadors engage in peer-to-peer education, helping others navigate WashU’s waste sorting system. Sign up today! Student, staff and faculty are all welcome to apply!

Email sustainability@wustl.edu if you have questions, or to schedule an event composting consultation to discuss placement and appropriate number of waste stations for your event.