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Get Involved in the City of St. Louis Clean Energy Plan

Last fall, the City of St. Louis Board of Aldermen unanimously passed a Resolution calling for the City to pursue a transition to 100% clean energy by 2035, following the path of 46 other US cities that committed to phase out of fossil fuel before 2050.

By passing this Resolution, the city of St. Louis became the largest city in Missouri and across the Midwest to establish a goal of transitioning entirely to renewable energy. While many cities have already made substantial progress in obtaining power from sources other than coal, the City of St. Louis still gets about 95 percent of its power from utilities that burn fossil fuels and from nuclear power.

As a first step to achieve this ambitious goal, the Board of Aldermen has requested that the City develops a plan by December 2018, through a transparent and inclusive stakeholder process.

The City of St. Louis is currently looking for “community members as well as representatives from organizations representing labor, faith, social justice, environmental justice, frontline communities and those most impacted by our current energy systems, public health and the environment, economic development, utility sector, clean energy sector, universities and academic institutions, business, housing, employment services, low income advocates, government, and any other relevant groups” to take action in drafting the Clean Energy Plan.

Interested in moving this initiative forward in St. Louis?

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Photo Credit: Sierra Club