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Free Bike Tune-Up Series Returns on the Danforth and Medical Campuses

This fall, the Office of Sustainability, in partnership with Parking and Transportation Services (Danforth) and the Operations & Facilities Management Department (WUSM), is bringing back the free bike tune-up series.

After construction in the East End and parking changes, alternative transportation has become increasingly significant at WashU, leading many car commuters to drop the car habit for healthier, more sustainable and convenient options. The free bike tune-up series supports our active commuters but also encourages all others to consider alternatives to single occupant vehicles. With cooler weather and a beautiful landscape, fall is the best time to hop on a bike!

We will be hosting four free tune-up sessions, on both the Danforth and the Medical campuses:

Visit the event pages to learn more about the tune-up rules, the mechanics who will be performing the tune-ups, and more.

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