The Office of Sustainability serves as a facilitator and convener to advance sustainability across campus operations and curriculum. To that end, we are seeking faculty and staff who teach and research within the sustainability field for inclusion in a roster to enhance connectivity and collaboration. Defined broadly, this includes many interdisciplinary fields. Examples of applicable fields include (but are not limited to):

  • Environmental justice
  • Climate change, adaption and resilience
  • Urban planning
  • Economic development
  • Landscape architecture

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Faculty & Staff Profiles

Faculty & Staff Profiles

Please submit information to create your profile. Submitted information will be used to develop a comprehensive roster of faculty teaching and researching within the sustainability field.

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Please include relevant information about you, as it relates to your teaching, research and community projects related to sustainability.
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Please describe any sustainability-related research.
Is there a way for other faculty, students, or the community to become involved with your research or projects?

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