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Engaging in Courses for Environmental Topics

Above: Students in the Sustainability Exchange visit Earth Dance Farms to learn about urban farming for their project that addressed food access.

Browsing through WebSTAC for the right courses can be tricky, but luckily there are a few resources available to find courses related to environmental topics for this summer and fall. Recently, initiatives have been undertaken by the Environmental Justice and Climate Teams within the Energy, Environment & Sustainability Internship Program to compile easily navigable lists of relevant courses being taught at WashU.


WashU employees (as well as students and community members) can enroll in Urban Ecology: Principles and Practice, a UCollege class offered as an intensive summer experience over three weeks from June 12-30. This is a terrific opportunity to take a deep dive into urban ecology with one of St. Louis’ senior sustainability leaders, Catherine Werner, the Direcor of Sustainability for the City of St. Louis.

To enroll, click here!


Looking to engage with environmental justice topics in the classroom? Check out these courses! These courses provide foundational knowledge and skills that are helpful for diving further into environmental justice topics and issues.

If you’re interested in classes related to climate, check out this list of courses that was compiled from a curriculum survey sent to faculty about their courses.

Another great resource is the Environmental Studies department course listings that are updated each semester on this webpage.

You can also browse through required and elective courses within the new Olin School minor, The Business of Social Impact.

Additionally, a list of courses addressing sustainability previously offered at WashU have been inventoried here. What’s been offered in the past can hopefully give you an idea of what may be offered in the 2018/19 academic year!

While these lists are great places to start, they are by no means exhaustive of all of the courses relating to environmental topics that are offered at WashU. Happy browsing!