WashU Nursery: Compost Champion

Last fall, the Washington University Nursery School reached out to the Office of Sustainability for support to start a composting program. The idea came from one of their students, a 5-year-old named Brody.

Brody is well versed in composting from his family’s set-up at home. After volunteering to bring in some compost to nourish a newly planted tree at the school, he educated the school’s director, Nikki Scheele, about how the compost process works. Then, wisely, he posed the question: “Why doesn’t the Nursery School compost?” This simple question was all Nikki needed to act. Now the school has a “Back-porch Compost Tumbler,” as well as children’s books about composting and small buckets to collect biodegradable items from each classroom. The students will incorporate composting into their curriculum and daily routine. By the time they are ready to enter college, sorting and composting waste will be a no-brainer!

The next time you are in the Bear’s Den or the Village and are disposing of the remains of your meal, remember little Brody. If he can do it, you can, too! Read the signs and sort your waste– a sustainable future for you and for Brody depends on shared awareness and action in everyday life!

Have a great idea for how to make Washington University more sustainable? The Office of Sustainability may be able to help! We are often able to connect passionate, creative individuals with resources on campus to make great ideas become a reality. Contact us at: sustainability@wustl.edu