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Commercial Group Buy Solar Program “Renew STL Solar” Launches

Earlier this month, Renew Missouri announced the launch of Renew STL Solar, a “group buy” solar program for commercial building owners in the St. Louis Region. Along with other community partners, such as the City of St. Louis, WashU has been an early partner and catalyst for the development Renew STL Solar.

First of its kind in the Midwest, the program seeks to bring some of the leading businesses and institutions together to invest in our region, create local good-paying jobs, save money for building owners, and build a sustainable future for the St. Louis Region.

Renew STL Solar aims to achieve the best price possible for businesses and large building owners by combining multiple projects together to save on equipment costs. It is also designed to simplify the process of going solar by guiding participants through the process of securing rebates and tax incentives. In addition, the program can earn businesses some public recognition and exposure for their investments in clean energy and sustainability.

The organizers of Renew STL Solar – including WashU – are participants in the City of St. Louis’ Solar Workforce Development pilot program, which is training individuals for placement in the growing solar industry. Participants in the workforce development pilot can not only save money through the program, but also support equitable job development in the City by investing in local renewable energy.

Renew STL Solar underwent a pilot in 2020, and the first participants are seeing their installations conclude now. Today, Renew Missouri and StraightUp Solar are launching the full 2021 Renew STL Solar program, and they intend to gain participation from some of the region’s largest building owners. 

Renew STL Solar makes it easier than ever for commercial and government organizations to reap the benefits of solar energy. Not only the program is helping us save money, but it feels great to be one of the first participants into something that’s bringing jobs and reinvestment to the St. Louis region.

Adam Rustige, Automatic Controls Systems, Inc.

Interested in learning more about Renew STL Solar?

Visit Renew STL Solar or contact Andrew Linhares at Renew Missouri to see whether the program is right for your organization: (314) 471-9973.