Celebrating Green Office Program Participants

WashU’s Green Office program is a point-based, self-assessment checklist that enables offices to evaluate their current practices and set goals to be more sustainable moving forward. Congratulations to recent participants:

  • Department of Anthropology (Silver)
  • Genetics Business Office (Gold)
  • Office for Socially Engaged Practice (Platinum)
  • Office of the Dean of Faculty of Arts & Sciences (Silver)
  • Environmental Studies (Silver)
  • Board of Trustees Office (Gold)
  • Cell Biology & Physiology Business Office (Silver)
  • Office of Public Affairs (Danforth Campus) (Bronze)
  • WUPD (Silver)

In addition to achieving points for sustainable practices in the categories of energy, waste, documents, purchasing, transportation, and awareness, many of these offices received points for innovative practices. For example, the Office for Socially Engaged Practice uses discarded lab supplies like beakers filled with water as vessels for holding plants. It also has a ‘free table’ where staff can leave unwanted office supplies and furniture for others in the building. Staff in the Office of the Dean of Faculty of Arts & Sciences make their own Windex using vinegar, water, and essential oils.

To learn more about the Green Offices program and start the certification process, click here.