“Innovation, Access, and Equality: Examining the Food Landscape in St. Louis” – Opening Reception

October 22, 2019
6:30 pm - 8:00 pm
Steinberg Hall Gallery, Steinberg Hall Gallery, St. Louis, Missouri 63130

Come celebrate the opening of Innovation, Access, and Equality: Examining the Food Landscape in St. Louis, a photo exhibition that explores the issues of food equity in North St. Louis. The exhibit runs through October 31.

This exhibition brings together work from a group of documentary photography students at the Sam Fox School of Design and Visual Arts at WashU. Each student took part in a semester-long course on methods and practices in documentary photography and completed a final portfolio of work that explored a topic related to food access and security in St. Louis. 

Students selected a range of issues to focus in their work, including: access to quality foods in neighborhood markets, the effects of vacancies on food access, individual growers in St. Louis, and the history of structuralized racism in the city. All projects directly explored a specific area in St. Louis, primarily in and around the Greater Ville neighborhood.

In completing these projects the students hoped to raise awareness about the food access challenges facing communities in St. Louis, as well as the community efforts to address these issues. They were inspired by the dedication of local growers, the vision of neighborhood organizers, and the potential for making positive changes through small actions such as developing a vacant lot into a garden.

The students worked closely with Food Justice coordinator of the Missouri Coalition for the Environment, Tosha Phonix, who was instrumental in connecting the students to community growers and organizers, and who inspired the students with her commitment to making sure all St. Louis residents, regardless of zip code, have access to quality foods.

Participating Artists

  • Arno Goetz
  • Franchesca Rousseas
  • Quinn Kernell
  • Elaina Echevarria
  • Lily Yang
  • Jiyoon Kang
  • Kristina You
  • Ryan Pomerantz
  • Rylie Walker
  • Hugh Hoagland
  • Katie Ewald
  • Andy Abebaw
  • Allison Hamburg


Meghan Kirkwood


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This event is part of WashU’s 2019 Food Week! Visit this page to view the full program.