Thank you for participating in the Active Transportation Challenge! After completing this form, please visit to sign-up as a team and log your commutes during the Active Transportation Challenge. This semester’s Challenge starts Monday, October 3, and ends Friday, October 28. We encourage you to track your mileage on the Shift Your Commute site daily so we can include your totals in weekly standing reports. We will share standings so teams can see their progress and set goals accordingly!

All participants will receive a free t-shirt and an invitation to our awards ceremony lunch. Teams with the highest percent of car-free trips, greatest total number of car-free miles logged, and/or greatest number of participants logging at least one commute at the end of the challenge will receive a trophy, and all participating teams will be eligible for prizes.

Also, please join us at the following events:

October 1, 3-6p: Bike trip to Grove Fest

October 3 & 11, 11a-2p: Free bike tune-ups by Big Shark Bicycle Co. on the north side of the Danforth University Center

October 4 & 13, 11a-2p: Free bike tune-ups by Big Shark Bicycle Co. at School of Medicine’s Hope Plaza

October 14, 8-9:30a: ATC Coffee for Commuters at DUC

October 21, 7-9a: Breakfast for Bikers at Kaldi’s on DeMun

November 4, 11:30a-1p: ATC Awards Ceremony Lunch



We suggest having an ATM Ambassador who emails other team members with updates on progress. We will send Ambassadors a weekly message and updates on your standings relative to other teams!
All participants receive a free t-shirt! Please select N/A if you already have a shirt and/or do not wish to receive one.
We will mail your t-shirt to you.
If more than one, please select your primary campus.
i.e. Business, Engineering, Brown School, CFU, etc.
We will email you with more details, including a discounted bike rental option!
We can connect you with teams looking for more members!

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