Join the Green Monday Campaign

Green Monday is a growing global movement that urges consumers to consider the environmental and public health impacts of their food choices. It began in Hong Kong and has grown to include universities and organizations across Asia, Europe, Latin America, and the United States. WashU is proud to be one of the first American universities to launch the program. By taking the Green Monday pledge, students, staff, and faculty commit to eating vegetarian on Monday or at least one day per week.

Why should you Green Monday? By participating, you will do your part to help mitigate climate change, reduce water consumption, and combat deforestation. Over 1,080 WashU members have joined the program thus far, and our goal is to reach everyone in the campus community. Consider one of the impacts: If we all eat vegetarian just one additional day per week, WashU will collectively reduce carbon emissions by as much as 5,000 metric tons annually — equivalent to taking 1,053 cars off the road!

Will you help us Green Monday? You can choose from delicious vegetarian options across campus dining locations. Each Monday, we will also provide you with a brief educational message on a food-related topic, sharing facts and tips so you can get involved on campus and beyond.

Are you interested to take a more active role with Green Monday messaging and event planning? Would you like to schedule a presentation for your student group or department? Contact Jen Carter, Sustainability Fellow, at jlcarter@wustl.edu.