Greening Shabbat at Chabad

Washington University’s Chabad on Campus is a vibrant and welcoming community for students interested in Judaism. Chabad offers initiatives including educational classes, social programs, and weekly family-style Shabbat dinners.

Chabad team members have made huge strides to reduce their environmental footprint during Shabbat dinners, investing in reusable silverware and tablecloths. Most recently, they decided to tackle the issue of food waste. Over one hundred students participate in the four-course meal each week, so despite portion control efforts, food waste is inevitable. With the help of the Green Events Commission, the Chabad team started a trial composting system in January. Their goal is to make every dinner a zero landfill waste event this semester.

Chabad needs your help to keep food scraps and recyclables out of the landfill. Without proper sorting of waste, Chabad will not be able to maintain the new program. The group is looking for volunteers able to commit to waste sorting semi-regularly. Sorting will only take a few minutes, and volunteers can enjoy the delicious meal free of charge every Friday at 7p during the weeks they choose to volunteer!

To sign up as a volunteer, click here.