The following labs have made the commitment to reduce the environmental impacts of their research and some of the innovative ways they have already started doing so:

School of Medicine Campus

The Atkinson Lab
The Burnham Lab
The Cade Lab
The Cole Lab
The Dougherty Lab
The England Lab
The English/Zayed Lab
The Faddis Lab
The Finck Lab
The Gordon Lab
The Hughes Lab
The Kaufman Lab
The Klein Lab
The Ley Lab
The Link Lab
The Ma Lab
The Mahajan Lab
The Maher Lab
The McPherson Lab
The Meyer Lab
The Millbrandt Lab
The Morgan Lab
The Perrin Lab – Double-sided printing for docs, recycling, automated equipment to reduce water use.
The Pincus Lab
The Piston Lab
The Sibley Lab – Soft plastic recycling, turning off lights and instruments when not in use.
Surgical Simulation LabRecycling cardboard and plastic; lights off when not in use; returning styrofoam shipping to vendors
The Vindigni Lab
The Wallace Lab
The Wang Lab
The Weilbaecher Lab
The Yoo LabSoft plastic recycling, shut down procedures for all equipment, reusing mis-printed paper for notes, turning off lights when not in use
The Zayed Lab

Danforth Campus

Biology Teaching LabsRecycling all appropriate materials, reusing pipette tip boxes, lights off when not in use, autoclave off over nights and weekends,
implementing an “unplug when not in use” policy.

The Gordon/Lopez-Sepulcre Lab
The Gross Lab
The Herzog LabRecycling of appropriate materials, reusing pipette tip boxes, using reusable bead bath, digital lab notebooks by some members
The Jez Lab
The Martin Lab
The Tolman Lab